Flag and Wire


Flag & Wire, located in McMinnville, Oregon, founded in 2015 are a wholesale coffee roasting company, café & subscription service focused on great coffees, procured honorably and prepared in a way that adds value to people’s lives. The cafe has embraced the industrial history of McMinnville and offers indoor and outdoor seating


They implemented HuskeeSwap in December 2019, as it was an opportunity to improve and build upon their sustainability goals. HuskeeSwap was endorsed to Flag & Wire by Zero Waste McMinnville, a great community organisation that encourages people to change their thinking about waste and to avoid waste through policies and practices.
"Our company has sustainability goals that we aim for that the HuskeeSwap program fit nicely into"

- Nick Walton, Co-Owner


The cafe encouraged customers to participate in HuskeeSwap. They also incentivized reuse by offering 0.50c off every coffee they ordered with their HuskeeCup and Lid combo. Encouraging customers to participate in HuskeeSwap through this discount allowed Flag & Wire to attract new conscious consumers and engage and strengthen loyalty.
"Our Customers like being able to swap sizes, in comparison of bringing their own"

- Katie McLennan, Director of Growth


Key Environmental Outcomes:
Eliminated over 10,000 cups and lids in 2022 (both BYOD and Huskee)
17 kg of single-use plastic eliminated at the source
50% of reuse at the cafe was with HuskeeSwap (2,427)
11,000 gallons of water was saved
60 kg of packaging didn't end up in landfill
2 trees saved and 260 kg of CO2 emissions eq. saved
Key Economic Outcomes:
The venue made over $1,000 (US) in retail with Huskee in 2022
Flag & Wire saved $850 (US) last year on disposable packaging
These impacts were just 10% of customers using reusables daily