HuskeeLoop is our cup's end-of-life program. Sometimes, good things come to an end. Our goal is to ensure over 90% of everything we make is collected and recycled into amazing new Huskee products. However we can't do this alone, we need your help, both as individuals and businesses.

Return any damaged or end-of-life products to your nearest HuskeeSwap cafe or if you're a cafe yourself, please contact us at


Our unique bio-polymer is what makes it possible. Built from waste coffee husk and our PP based resin, we have chosenmaterials for durability, food safety and the ability to re-purpose.

Coffee Husk

When coffee is processed,

first the skin and fruit is removed,

then dried, and finally the husk

is hulled off. This is the tough

fibrous shell we use.

End of Life

HuskeeCups generally live a long & full life. But at the end, we want them back! Your HuskeeCup cannot be recycledin standard recycling streams due to the husk content, so please return it to your nearest HuskeeSwap site. We will work with them to collect and recycle into amazing new products, like our Dog Bowls!
Not only do we want to spare our oceans and landfill from single-use, we want to spare them from longer lived products too! We need to extend every single product to it's absolute maximum.