HuskeeSwap is a cup exchange system designed to assist cafes and businesses in making reusables as convenient as a single-use takeaway cup service.

No matter whether the material is compostable or plastic-lined paper, single-us is still single-use. Reuse always wins and there is a better way - for businesses and most importantly, the planet.

HuskeeSwap is simple to use for both businesses and its customers. All a customer needs to do, is hand over their HuskeeCup when they place an order. They'll receive their drink order in a cleaned HuskeeCup.

With HuskeeCup, customers can Swap for any size, while the universal lid fits all sizes for your convenience. In cases where customers forget their cup, or don't want to carry it around..well that's where the Borrow and Store features of the HuskeeSwap app come in!

Here's how it works


All you need is a HuskeeCup.


Hand in your HuskeeCup and order as usual.


Collect your coffee in a cleaned HuskeeCup!

How would you like to use HuskeeSwap?

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Why use a Swap System?

Implementing a Swap system is an important commitment and step for a venue to integrate reuse behaviour into its service. This is more than just putting the onus on the customer to purchase and remember their BYO cup.

While selling branded and other BYO cups is a great choice (and we encourage you to do both), think of a Swap system as great for business, and 'BYO with Benefits'.

Here are some of the top advantages of the HuskeeSwap system over traditional BYO service:

Commercially washed and hygienic cups
Integrates with pre-ordering systems
Sizes and system designed for baristas
Store cups, Borrow, and Loyalty features
Customer infinite ownership
Elegant drinking experience

Key HuskeeSwap Business Benefits

Save up to $18,000 on packaging per year

No subscriptions or ongoing costs

Multiple sizes designed to industry standard with a universal lid

App supported but not required - low tech management

No BYO cups queued on counter

Durable for a busy cafe environment

Return end-of-life cups and replace for free or at discounted pricing

Integrate Reuse and Sustainability

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