Reusable Vs. Disposable Cups: Which Is Best For Your Office?

Reusable Vs. Disposable Cups: Which Is Best For Your Office?

16th May 2023

As we work towards a more sustainable future, the reusable coffee cup is fast becoming, if it isn’t already, an indispensable staple for Australians. We take our coffee seriously and expect a perfectly brewed flat white at any time of the day and we expect our reusable coffee cups to be as carefully considered as our beans.

And as we spend so much of our time these days in the office, it’s pertinent to clear up any confusion about which kind of cup is better for us in the long run. Many of your favourite cafés will have already begun banning single-use cups and moving to sustainable coffee cup options. It’s likely you’re already bringing your favourite HuskeeCup along with you and handing it to your barista of a morning.

But in-office brewing happens constantly and deciding what’s best for your colleagues isn’t always easy. Here, we investigate the differences between reusable cups vs disposable cups and which is the most sustainable option for your office.

Disposable coffee cups

Can disposable coffee cups be recycled?

Technically, single-use paper cups can be recycled but must be collected separately as they are created with a waterproof plastic lining and cannot be recycled through general paper processes. Only a handful facilities are equipped to recycle these types of disposable cups in Australia but more often than not they end up in landfill because of poor systems and lack of education. It’s likely that even in offices with clear recycling signage and approved practices, single-use cups are not collected and separated for normal paper waste.

Are there any advantages to disposable coffee cups?

Single-use cups don’t require washing so your company will be able to save on energy and water costs. However, the cost of having to constantly replenish these cups may outweigh any other savings, especially as work calls for multiple cups a day.

Reusable coffee cups and mugs

Can reusable coffee cups and mugs be recycled?

This all depends on the type of reusable cup you’re looking to invest in but as reusable coffee cups or mugs are made from ceramics, or in the case of HuskeeCup a eco-composite polymer and coffee husk combination.

The beauty of reusable coffee cups is that they can be used time and time again, minimising your company’s overall carbon footprint and waste output. Plus, the need to replenish constantly practically disappears.

Are there any advantages to reusable coffee cups and mugs?

While some reusable options like mugs may have a larger carbon footprint and are prone to breakage in busy spaces like offices, a HuskeeCup boasts a low energy consumption and is dishwasher-friendly (critical for all offices).

Reusable plastic coffee cups are also designed to withstand the rigours of café life (busy offices count too) so are often stronger and more durable than their disposable counterparts. Mugs and glassware are prone to breakage of course but HuskeeCup’s unique, ergonomic design ensures these reusable coffee cups can be washed in commercial dishwashers hundreds of times.

Our cups are easier to reuse, recycle and reappropriate, ensuring we help close the loop on consumption. In short, while they significantly reduce environmental impact in the long run and have been crafted to reshape how the industry approaches coffee service and waste.

Switching to reusable coffee cups in the office

At Huskee we’re committed to helping everyone say goodbye to single-use cups. Whether you’re on the hunt for a more eco-friendly option for a small business, large organisation or café we want to hear from you. Interested in joining the HuskeeSwap family or learning more about the HuskeeLoop? Explore our HuskeeCup wholesaler options or find a stockist near you today!