Your Guide to Switch to a Reusable Coffee Cup

Your Guide to Switch to a Reusable Coffee Cup

16th May 2023

When choosing your perfect coffee cup, reusable is the way to go. They bring countless benefits to you and the planet that there’s really no excuse to go for the disposable option.

Take a look at just a few benefits of using a sustainable coffee cup, and see how you can switch to this better alternative.

You’ll Enjoy Better Coffee With a Sustainable Coffee Cup!

You know that soda from a plastic bottle and that from a glass bottle are worlds apart. The same can be said about the drinking experience from a disposable cup, and a sustainable cup-like HuskeeCup.

The HuskeeCup is made with sustainable coffee husks. Not only will it preserve the flavour of your coffee, but even enhance the drinking experience, making every sip a heavenly delight.

Reusable Plastic Coffee Cups With Lids Are Better for the Planet

Every year, over 1 billion disposable coffee cups are used in Australia alone. Only a fraction of them are ever recycled, so they mostly end up polluting the landfills.

But the problem doesn’t lie only in the landfills. To produce these disposable cups, we need energy, water, and other resources. The factories make them release pollutants in the process, harming our environment even further.

If you want to help save the environment, then enjoying your coffee reusable cups are the only option. You can participate in HuskeeLoop and send your sustainable cup for recycling once it approaches the end of its life!

Reusable Plastic Coffee Cups Have Better Heat Retention

Coffee husk and reusable plastic coffee cups are much better at heat retention than their disposable alternatives. They’re made to be resilient and durable. The walls of the cup are thick and sturdy, keeping your drink hot for much longer.

You Can Collect Rewards and Get Discounts With Reusable Coffee Mugs

Many of your favourite coffee shops will offer discounts or give you loyalty points when you come with a reusable cup. Some cafes are now only offering coffee rewards for reusable cup users to You could end up saving as much as 50c per coffee in some places – and the savings just stack up as you enjoy your favourite beverage.

You can also join the HuskeeSwap movement! Bring your used HuskeeCup to a participating cafe, and get a different, commercially cleaned cup with your order.

A Reusable Coffee Mug Will Improve Your Instagram Feed

Of course, reusable coffee mugs are much more stylish than their disposable counterparts. They’re elegant and eye-catching, and you’ll never again mix up your cup with someone else’s.

The gorgeous cups will make your Instagram posts truly remarkable!

How to Switch to a Reusable Coffee Cup

Switching to a reusable coffee cup can be tricky, especially if you’re a bit forgetful. But, there are only two things you need to do to switch to a reusable coffee cup successfully!

Select the Perfect Size for Your Needs

You’ll never successfully switch to reusable cups if their size is not right. Make sure you get a cup that fits your coffee drinking habits! Luckily, the HuskeeCup comes in several different sizes, so you can easily find the one that suits you best.

Get a Few Reusable Cups

Most of us take coffee on the go, and we don’t think about it until we head to the coffee shop. To ensure you don’t forget your reusable cup, it’s best to get a few of them and keep them in logical places. Have a cup at home, one in your car, and one in the office. And keep your cup in visible places! That way, you’ll always have it handy when you need it.

Final Thoughts

You can enjoy so many benefits by making a simple switch to reusable coffee cups. It’s convenient, eco-friendly, retains a better taste, and more! So, make the change, and enjoy the benefits you’ll receive!